To me, the face of indecision looks like these Kurt Geiger boots. I bought a pair of these boots over a month ago, and while I'm a horrible indecisive person at the best of times, but these boots represent my indecision at the worst of times.

Two months ago I first saw them. One month ago I bought them. Only yesterday did I wear them for the first time. The trouble comes from the fact that they are quite a bit more than I am used to paying for shoes, and I wasn't entirely sure they looked as good on me as I thought they did. I swore I would return them to the shop, but every time I went to do it I just couldn't bring myself to part with them.

Yesterday when I finally decided to keep them and wear them, I hovered on my doorstep for a good five minutes before I could bring myself to step onto the pavement - therefore preventing me from ever changing my mind and returning them.

A lot of time and mental effort has gone into these boots, and as a result, my first New Years resolution will be to stop wasting so much time on such ridiculous worry! Be more decisive, for crying out loud! They're only boots...