FEAST @wefeastlondon

A couple of weeks ago we went to FEAST, a kind of street food festival where lots of London's best pop-up restaurants and market stalls came together in one place. It was pretty special. There are so many pop-up food places that I've been so keen to try for so long, but two weeks ago, I got my chance. Sadly I didn't get through all of the places I wanted to try because, well, I can only eat so much, but I gave it my best shot! Here's how it went down.

We first started with some drinks and a lap of the market to take in what was on offer and make a list of priority foods. I'm really into pulled port at the moment, the glories of which are nothing new to Adam, so we decided to share a pulled pork burger from Randall & Aubin.

Needless to say that left us feeling pretty happy (yes I know my hat is inside out)

Given the choice, I will always go for macaroni and cheese. It's my favorite and really I just can't keep away. I marked out Anna Mae's within two minutes of arriving and headed over for some molten cheese.

I wanted to go swimming in this. SWIMMING!

With the amount of cheese I go through a week, Cheesus better love me!

Pesto, bacon and basil. Pretty much anything added to mac and cheese is alright by me, but pesto is so overpowering that it took away from the cheesiness a little, which made me sad because I do really love cheese. But it was still amazing.

Adam needed a pickle. So we got a pickle.

Out of everything we ate that day, Adam has not stopped talking about these pickles. They were just that good.

Mishkin's will no doubt be getting a visit from us again soon. I don't know how long Adam will be able to go without another one of their pickles, but I wouldn't like to leave it too long, just in case...

Lots of boozy cider was drunk by me.

Adam also got some of these. Oysters aren't something I can eat a lot of, or really think a lot about while I'm eating them. I do like them sometimes, and in my family you pretty much get disowned if you don't eat them whenever they are on offer, but given my druthers, I'd sometimes rather not.

Oh my goodness, these meringues! I've never tasted anything like it. Meringue Girls do one of the best deserts I've ever eaten. I will be setting out on a mission to find them again - I need more meringues in my life.

We had a sort of warm apple crumble sort of desert that I think had custard on it and lots of bite-sized meringues. It was our mid feeding frenzy desert. 

Lucky Chip was also there. If you've been following me for a little bit over here on Nishaantishu, you'll know how much I already love Lucky Chip. And I know I should have dedicated any extra tummy space to trying things, but....

JUST LOOK! How could I not?! This was the Rudolph Burger: venison, stilton, smoked bacon, blueberry blackberry gin jam, and rocket. After this burger I was so full I wasn't entirely sure if my feet could support me if I tried to stand.

We sat and digested for a little bit, and then we moved on to our final desert. I'm saving that until tomorrow though, because it was so good that I think it deserves a post all of its own. It was happiness in a paper cup and I think my new favorite desert of all time.

FEAST was amazing. I've never been so painfully/happily full in my life, but I'm sad that I didn't get to give others a go too - like Pizza Pilgrims, or Midnight Steakout. Yum Bun has always been high on my list of places to try, and I'm a little ashamed that I didn't make room for a Big Apple Hotdog. I suppose I'll just have to go about the city on my own, trying them out one by on. Unless another FEAST is thrown together soon... I can only hope.