A Little Bit Much

This time of year I find my brain can go a little nuts. Something along the lines of:

christmas presents christmas presents what should i get people for christmas presents i shouldn't spend too much but what if i get something really good for someone and another person sees it and gets upset and thinks i don't care as much i wonder if i should ask for a smarter coat this christmas maybe i'll spend some time looking for coats i  should be looking for christmas presents and i don't need a coat and i'm meant to be saving for a camera i hope adam likes his christmas present but i shouldn't try to make it a surprise because that never works or maybe i can come up with some kind of scheme a really big big surprise no that's a terrible idea maybe i should get a hair cut instead no that's crazy i don't need a hair cut which is strange that i'm thinking about hair because i had a dream about my hair dresser last night he told me he didn't want to be friends anymore which is odd because we're not friends in real life have i remembered to print out all my tickets for christmas oh no what am i going to get my gran for christmas?!

Finally, sometime inside of me hits a wall right around mid December. It's like my body knows my mind is getting more and more out of control and says:
and reinforces the point by physically running my body into a brick wall. Ok no not really, but it feels like I've been hit over the head with a flu stick. I'm mentally and bodily exhausted by my non-stop mental chatter and festive excitement. A part of my mind is like that annoyingly enthusiastic over-achieving child in the playground who just will not shut up, and another part of my mind is a little more level headed and is conscious that the Christmas holidays are coming and it really needs a break. 
Responds the overachieving enthusiastic Freya, a little dejectedly, but she's secretly still making festive plans. And then I'm pretty much out of commission for a day and a half as I recover from two weeks of over excitement. I do love the holidays, I love them so so much, I just think I need to control my enthusiasm a little bit.