Winter Pimms

I've received a few emails about Winter Pimms, something I mentioned briefly in this post. So due to it's popularity, I thought I would give it a post all of its own.

Pimms No. 3 is the charming cousin of the ever so popular Pimms No. 1 - but it's not quite the same. Winter Pimms blends brandy instead of gin with some lovely wintery spices to make it more of a cold weather drink, than a fruity hot weather drink.

Heat up your favourite apple juice, add a splash of Winter Pimms, maybe some chopped up apple and a thin slice of orange, and away you go. With just one mug-full everything seems right with the world again. I definitely go through more than a few bottles of this stuff from October to March. In front of the fire while it's snowing outside, in a thermos while your out for a brisk winter walk - these days Pimms o'Clock is no longer limited to the summer months. Hooray!

The good news is that Winter Pimms is the best thing to happen to winter since central heating, and its available in most off-licenses or bigger supermarkets throughout the UK. The bad news is that you can't buy it in the US, at least not that I can find anyway. But, having said that, I've read on a few blogs that you can make a version of this drink by using the more traditional, Pimms No. 1. Using hot apple juice again, just add extra slices of apple and a splash of caramel flavouring with your Pimms.