I don't know if it's because I've had too much coffee today, or I'm just over-tired, but I am VERY excited for winter right now. It's cold and snowing for a lot of people already, so many of my favourite bloggers have been posting pictures of the first snowfall where they are and it's making me so jealous!

It's pretty cold here in London town, but in the damp kind of way, not the crisp and clean kind of way. Don't get me wrong, rainy London inspires it's own kind of coziness, but right now I'm itching to make a snowman and go skating, after which I will collapse in front of the fire with a winter pimms (my long-time winter love pour some into a mug of hot apple juice and enjoy!).

Will we have a real snow fall in London this year? Will it come before Christmas? Who ever knows. I sure hope we do though, otherwise a winter holiday involving lots of fun in the snow may be in order.