My Week in Moments - Part 19

These are some moments that made me happy this week:

The moment I went to buy some Baileys because I was feeling all Christmassy, and the man behind the counter proposed to me - what can I say, I'm a catch! He was slightly deranged, but still, I'm sure he has faultless judgement when it comes to the ladies.

The moment I told Adam that I got a proposal and he promptly pulled some cheese, salami and a baguette out of his bag and replied with "yes, but would this strange man buy you cheese for dinner?" No, he probably wouldn't. More likely, he would keep me locked in his basement - he looked the sort...

The moment my work moved offices from the north to the south side of the river. My new commute takes me through Borough market which is one of the best food markets in London. It's all I can manage to resist the urge to buy a bacon sandwich and a Monmouth coffee every morning.

The moment the view from my desk got a whole lot better - it did used to be a brick wall after all.

This was my favourite blog post this week - it comes from a blog that falls under my LOVES category on bloglovin. It just about killed me, I laughed so much.

I'm so excited for this weekend: a fancy dinner, riding, as well as buying and decorating our CHRISTMAS TREE!! I can't wait

P.s. does anyone fancy swapping blog buttons? You can see mine over there on the right - let me know if you put one on your blog and I'll put yours up too. Have a great weekend!