My Week in Moments - Part 17

These are some moments that made me happy this week:

The moment Adam turned 30. Because it makes me really excited for things to come.

The moment I ate my body weight in molten fondue cheese for dinner in Amsterdam.

The moment I nearly wandered off the train platform onto foggy train tracks while on my way to work one morning. I got distracted by a daydream - I love a good daydream. Can you find me in the picture? Creepy, huh?

The moment I met my friend's new kitten, Audrey Horn. She's a cute little devil, and takes her "hunting" very seriously, especially when it comes to fingers.

The moment a lady at work had this sent to her by her husband for their wedding anniversary - I was on my way to a meeting when I spotted it and completely forgot what I was meant to be doing because I was trying to figure out where to start...

My favourite post from another blog that I read this week was this one: because it inspired me book some tickets home to visit my Mum and spend some time outside with the grass and the trees (and probably some sheep).

This also really made me giggle.

And this I really love, because even though the kids that really ham it up are hilarious, I like to pick out the sweet little quiet ones who just sit there and sing along but you can tell they're really loving it.