My Week in Moments - Part 16

Some of the moments that made me happy this week.

The moment I lit the candle that Adam bought me from Anthropologie - our room smells so good now.

The moment I attended the Animals in War Memorial service for Remembrance Day to pay tribute to all the animals who had no choice but to fight alongside us in conflicts that had nothing to do with them. I should have bought some tissues. If you want to visit the memorial, it's next to Hyde Park, just off Park Lane.

The funny thing about this My Week in Moments series is that sometimes, I just can't find five moments that made my week - because sometimes some weeks are just bad and that's the way it goes. Two good moments are better than none however, so I'm happy for that.

My favorite blog post that I read this week comes from Joy Felicity Jane - a blog I've only just discovered but I'm really loving.