My week in Moments - Part 15

These are five moments that made me happy this week:

The moment I spotted this moon on the way to the tube after work - well, I saw the crowd of people with their phones out taking a picture of it before I saw the moon actually. Maybe they were all bloggers?

The moment the inappropriate nun came round for dinner on Halloween.

The moment we discovered this lady: Chris Pureka - check her out, she's pretty good for soft but moody girly music.

The moment I had a fancy lunch in the middle of the week, because sometimes you just can't get through the day without a glass of bubbly. Oh and amazing pasta from here, if you have a chance you should go (South London, you'll need to reserve, and you'll also need to order the salted caramel ice cream... trust me).

The moment I took the day off to meet my mum for lunch and to see the Bronze exhibit (on until the 9th of December, it's really good) at the Royal Academy - the restaurant there is pretty cosy and yummy too.

My favourite blog post of the week was this one: because it made me laugh loudly and inappropriately at my desk, earning me one or two shocked stares.