Lucky Chip

While I'm not as much of a burger connoisseur as other bloggers out there, I do know my burgers from my sliders, and I've definitely done my fair share of research in trying burgers all over London.

So, I don't think it would be too crazy, and I wouldn't be going too far in saying... I think I've found it. London's best slider.

Ever since my first visit last Friday I have been craving a return visit to Lucky Chip, either their food is clinically addictive or they are just that good.

The evening started with drinks at Alphabet Bar where we had a couple of cocktails. I highly recommend their English Mojito - if you like gin, cucumbers, and mint, its the drink for you (it may be my new favourite). We then headed over to The Player which is a members bar on Broadwick Street and home to Lucky Chip.

You can get two sliders for £10, and though they are only little burgers, they are very filling and come with a mini tub of chips with a special dipping sauce. You can order starters too, things such as mac & cheese or a chicken bucket, I just chose to have more cocktails. You can get a full size burger if you're feeling starving, but I went for two sliders because really it was hard enough to choose  just two, everything looked so good. I had the cheeseburger, and the pulled pork slider, and while both were amazing, the pulled pork was the best in my opinion.

Do yourself a favour, go to Lucky Chip - and bring me with you!

Fine print: You can't book a table but the wait won't be too long and they have a great selection of drinks to keep you occupied at the bar.