Le Comptoir

Yesterday I took the day off work and decided it was a good idea to go and do some shopping.

I was in and around Soho and was looking for a nice place to eat when I remembered that I've been wanting to try Le Comptoir for ages. I've always wanted to give Lebanese food a go and it really seemed like the perfect opportunity, the lunch rush was over and the weather was turning ominously grey, so in I went and took a seat.

It's a lovely colourful place to have lunch, and the food was amazing. Weirdly I don't often order a drink while I'm eating as I prefer just water (unless of course I'm drinking wine or a cocktail but it was early afternoon on  a Monday after all) but I couldn't resist one of their amazing lemonades. I went for the lamb and prunes tagine with couscous as I was feeling in the mood for something filling - but it was a hard choice because everything on the menu looked tempting.

After stuffing my face I had some lovely mint tea, which seemed to be almost thick with sugar, just as it should be. It all left me fortified me for the afternoon of shopping ahead.

I would definitely go back in a heartbeat because it was all so delicious.