I'm Jealous Of Your Thanksgiving

With all this talk of Thanksgiving all over the blogosphere, I'm getting really hungry and a little bit jealous. Technically I should be celebrating Thanksgiving in October, but as you may remember I wasn't in the country at the time, and it's not really such a big deal in England anyway as we don't celebrate it here.

Thanksgiving is my favourite meal though. When I was living in Canada it always fell on by birthday weekend, which was the worst for friends showing up to parties, but the best for birthday dinners. My Mum always made a massive dinner for my brother and I, and I looked forward to it every year.

These days I can't really be bothered to cook it myself, which is sad really. I'm not despairing too much though! Because when my friend Kim gets back from her trip to Kenya she's promised to cook up a proper Thanksgiving dinner, and she's from the US so it's ok that we're eating it later in November rather than in October. 

Until Kim get's back and makes me dinner however, I'm going to enjoy this video which puts a hipster-nonsense spin on Thanksgiving. 

Happy turkey day everyone! Think of jealous little me as you stuff your faces.