The Ruiner

Last night I did the stupidest thing ever. Adam and I were sitting on the sofa and we were discussing birthdays, mine falls pretty much just a month before his, and we both decided we would take each other on a trip - and because it's his 30th, I wanted to take him somewhere extra special. But it was SUPPOSED to be a surprise.

So we were sitting there, talking about presents, and he said "well you're already taking me away, so..." and I responded with "yes, Amsterdam, but I wanted to get you something else...". He froze, staring at me, and I was all "...what?" before I clapped my hands over my mouth and went all wide-eyed. I couldn't believe I had given it away.

I'm the worst for keeping secrets about surprises. I have tried to surprise Adam so many times and failed miserably - and I so badly want to get an excited reaction out of him as a result of something that I give him or organise for him... And he's always surprising me!

After he finished laughing at me, and I finished trying not to cry because I felt so guilty for ruining his birthday surprise, I thought - hey, why isn't he excited that he's just found out he's going to Amsterdam - will nothing make this boy jump up and down for sheer unadulterated joy?

Turns out he actually found out I was taking him to Amsterdam about two months ago when I accidentally handed him my phone with an email on it that I thought was for him, but it wasn't - it was the confirmation of our accommodation in Amsterdam.

Oh bum. I'm the worst at birthday surprises, I always ruin them - I'm such a ruiner.