Tessar Sebastian Lo


a perfect magic

our house or, eta
carry that weight
cheer up, tiger
nation of window

I first came across the work of Tessar Sebastian Lo when Adam and I went to see a friend of Adam's from high school who has opened a gallery in Toronto, the Cooper Cole gallery. We were having a look around and I spotted a painting that wasn't part of the exhibit, it was carefully stored away in the back room waiting to go up on at a later date.

I immediately fell in love with it. I started gushing to Adam's friend about how amazing I thought it was, and he came back with "oh, I'll introduce you to the artist, he's here tonight." I was introduced to Tessar and we chatted for a long time about how much I loved his art, how it reminded me of a few works I had seen in galleries in Hong Kong, etc... And so began my obsession with his work. 

That was two years ago, and I've been wanting one of his pieces ever since. I've only shown the work of his that I really love, but its far more diverse than these nine images. Head on over to his site here to have a look at his latest stuff, its pretty great. Unsurprisingly though, I'm mostly drawn to his work with animals - especially the elephants. My favourite piece of his is "a perfect magic", third one down, but I also really love the top one, "we".

One day one of his paintings (or more realistically, a sketch) will hang on my wall - maybe one of my New Year resolutions should be to start a Tessar Sebastian Lo piggy bank, and eventually I'll have enough pennies to buy something by him (or more realistically to throw at him to distract his attention while I grab one of his works and run - ha! just kidding. kind of.)

All images are taken from Tessar Sebastian Lo's website, more specifically here and here.