Such a Kind Face


This man was hilarious. His son in law invited us to visit his home to have a look at how they keep their animals, and I of course made sure I got some quick snaps of the kids because they're just so cute - they love posing for you and then running over to see their own photo.

This old man saw me photographing them and wanted me to photograph him with his youngest grandchildren - I mean I think that's what he wanted, my Spanish is pretty rubbish. Anyway he walked off and came back with a baby and posed - I took the picture, he liked it, and then he walked off... and came back with another baby! Trust me when I say this man had a lot of grandchildren that needed to be photographed.

But the house was such a lovely family set-up. They had a plot of land with one or two houses on it, and about twelve people all living there together. Babies everywhere, puppies, pigs hanging out with the dogs and chickens stealing everyones food. I don't know how many generations were under one roof, but I like the idea of a big family living and laughing together every day. They seemed such a jolly bunch.