Nicaragua - Until Next Time

snoozing in the sunshine

I know I've already said this loads, but Nicaragua is a country that I think I could learn to love pretty quickly. I really hope I get to go back.

These last few photos were taken in a place that seemed completely hidden from the rest of the city. We traveled down a dirt road as far as our van would take us on one punctured tire, and then we hopped in the back of a pickup truck to take us the rest of the way to a little farm house. Well, house is a little much, it was one room for twelve people.

The family who lived there were as poor as poor could be, without being destitute. And what stood out for me was that I couldn't hear any sound, no traffic, no electronics - not a phone or a light switch for miles. But I could hear non-stop laughter from the kids and the neighbours who had come to greet the visitors.

Theirs is incredibly hard life, not withstanding the active volcano and the vampire bats - but their laughter was contagious. Even now, it still makes me smile just a little.