My Week in Moments - Part 14

It's been a few weeks since I've done a "My Week in Moments" kind of post, mostly because I've been away and posting sporadically anyway. Now that I'm back to a regular schedule, here's a Moments catch up, a.k.a. Instagram-Dump.

The moment Adam and I spent an entire weekend just talking. The weekend before I flew out to Nicaragua, Adam took me to Palma for my birthday. It was such a relaxing weekend walking around the old town and soaking up the sun, with a cocktail or two in hand. I find it amazing how we hardly find the time to have a conversation in our every day lives in between work and seeing friends, so it was nice just to talk for a while. 

The moment I arrived at the hotel in Nicaragua after twenty hours of traveling to find that it was actually really cozy! Normally I stay in not so nice places when travelling for work, when you combine security + convenience + and inexpensiveness the result is usually a bit sad, but in this case it was rather pretty and comfortable. Hooray for cheap and pretty!

The moment the first of several storms hit Managua in the ten days I was there. I do love a good storm.

The moment about a million candles lit up the hotel on the first night I was there. If anyone ever needs a recommendation for where to stay in Nicaragua, let me know :)

The moment the first trip to the supermarket yielded absolutely massive fruit (is avocado a fruit or a vegetable?). I do love avocado on pretty much anything.

The moment the sound of this rain cut short an awkward yet hilarious conversation.

The moment I realised that when you open a dragon fruit it isn't necessarily always white inside, sometimes it can be red too. I still don't know why. Does it depend on where in the world it grows?

The moment a bunch of children emerged out of the mist and the rain riding these amazing horses. Where they came from and where they went when they left, I still don't know. Nicaragua is a secretive country with all kinds of hidden communities. 

The moment I arrived home and collapsed into bed and stayed there for four days. A cold combined with being word out and jet-lag means a DVD marathon the likes of which have never been seen before - it was fantastic.

The moment I emerged from bed to find the world had changed so much while I was away in Nicaragua. This was all green before I left.

I've read a lot of great posts over the past couple of weeks, it would be impossible to pick just one to highlight as my absolute favorite - there are too many fantastic bloggers out there! But one post that did get me pretty excited for the cold months ahead was this one, because I loves me some brussels sprouts. I know, I know, I'm weird like that.

Have an amazing weekend :)