My Week in Moments - Part 13

The moment my mum came down from up north to spend the day with me. Taking this picture I realised where my bloggers instinct must come from, she photographs everything too.

The moment my hands smelled of herbs from the beef stew I made. I love it when the smell of rolling herbs between your hand seeps into your skin.

The moment the light bulb in our bathroom needed replacing and I couldn't find a new one so I took a shower by candlelight. It was really relaxing until a certain horror film popped into my head and I got really scared - I ran out of there without washing my face because I was too nervous to close my eyes.

The moment I spotted this bit of graffiti on some scaffolding on my way to work. Such a nice thing for someone to do, isn't it?

The moment I registered to vote. I figure, after ten years of living in the UK and a lifetime of citizenship I should probably take an interest in UK politics.

Some other fun moments: when this made its way into my inbox. When Adam said the smell of my hair spray reminded him of his Grandmother's upstairs bathroom - apparently that's a good thing. And also when I had two burritos in three days.

And my favorite blog post that I read this week comes from one of my all time favorite blogs, A Miusmie. It's called London Town and it did a great job of reminding me how truly amazing London is as a city, it's something I can forget sometimes when I get frustrated with the crowds and the traffic. But it truly is a great place to live.