Gregory Alan Isakov

Last night Adam and I made our way through the cold and the wet with a couple of friends pay a visit to The Water Rat near Kings Cross. We had tickets to see Gregory Alan Isakov play, and as per usual I was woefully under prepared for the gig. I hadn't listened much to his music, and while I did like what Adam had played for me in the past, I didn't know him well enough to be very excited. So by the time he was about to walk on stage, I was getting a bit fidgety and complaining that my feet hurt a little... but the moment he came on and starting playing the whole crowd went silent and fell into a bit of a contented stupor.

The horrible weather outside was completely forgotten, and I was swept away for one happy hour just listening to Gregory play. And I would highly recommend to anyone that they go and catch him at a live show if they can - but alternatively you can spend an equally happy hour listening to him on Spotify. Or here:

He has a new album coming out in a couple of months, and from what I heard of it last night, it's going to be pretty good.