This Really isn't News, But

I really want a dog. And lately I've been REALLY wanting a dog. And I mean really. I feel like one of my hardest and longest fought battles in life has been convincing those I live with to let me get a dog. When I was little it took four solid years before my Mum let me get one - Randy, he was the best dog that ever lived. She still has the contract I wrote and signed promising to walk, feed, brush and train him every day.

I have now been without a dog for the best part of ten years, and my biological canine clock is telling me it's time to change that, it's been telling me that for a really long time. Not a day goes by that Adam asks some ambiguous question to which I manage to wheedle into my response "... a puppy?". For example, Adam: "guess what I did today", me: "got me a puppy?" Or, Adam: "I've had a good idea for what we can do this weekend", me: "get me a puppy?"

I'm not even kidding, I don't know how he puts up with it. But I truly am desperate, I really miss having a dog in my life. I'm an animal person, as you have probably guessed, and my life does not feel complete with out a dog, cat and a horse. A dog and a horse will always be tied at the top of my 'Freya Needs to Survive' list, but I recognise that at the moment a horse is a bit of a tall order... and I guess a dog is too.

I wouldn't want to leave my dog home alone too much during the week, so I would need a job that would allow me to take my dog to work - and my dog will likely be a rescue so will need extra attention for a while. I don't want to be that owner who puts their desire for a dog before the needs of their pet, for example, I know my flat is too small and there are no big parks nearby. And my lifestyle is too crazy, I travel too much and honestly I don't even know if I could financially support a dog. 

But my life simply does not feel complete without my canine sidekick, whoever he may be. One day though, and I really can't wait for that day to come.