The Long Hair Rant




Long hair is such a pain, there's no two ways about it. My hair is pretty long now - about half way down my back, and it is driving me crazy. It needs so much care, it needs to be washed all the time and doing so takes ages, and then drying it takes even longer, but not as long as brushing it out! I shed worse than a labrador in spring time! I lean on my own hair all the time and it drives me up the wall, or I roll on it while I'm asleep and it wakes me up, or Adam rolls on it while I'm asleep and it wakes me up! I've even trapped it in the car door one or two times, which is both hilarious and painful. 

But long hair is pretty, you can style it all different ways (if you ever have the time), it make it harder to have a bad hair day, I think it makes me look older, and somehow long hair seems to help with body confidence - don't ask me how that even works.

I wish I could just chop it all off though. I would love to be able to wash my hair and not worry about drying it for hours. Short hair just seems easier, and it definitely wouldn't get in the way as much. I mean, imagine never getting your hair caught under the strap of your handbag ever again! I'm loving the above haircuts, something simple like the second one down, and I could still have my dipdye. Or the third one, I've been drooling over that hair cut for about a year and a half now, but I just don't think it would look good.

I'm getting my hair cut this evening. I'm probably not going to get it cut short, but who knows, if I have to spend another 45 minutes combing a knot out of my hair or spend another £12 of hair oil of all things, I may just lose it and yell at my hairdresser (Rikki) "get it off. get it off! GET IT OFF!"