The Cottage

The highlight of every trip back to Canada is always the time we take to go up to Adam's cottage. It's on a lake north of the city and so remote that we only saw a handful of people for the whole seven days we were up there. It's only accessible by boat, runs for the most part on solar power, and is miles from the sounds of the city.

Life at the cottage all about sleeping in, pancakes, chores in the sunshine, beer-o'clock, snacking, swimming, napping, cocktail hour, and amazing foods like ribs and homemade peach pie.

It's one of the things we look forward to the most when summer rolls around, and it's one of the hardest things we have to do every year when we pack up and leave. 

The cottage is quickly becoming one of my favourite places to be. Adam has a dream of taking a sabbatical from work to spend three months solid up there one summer - maybe one day.