My Week in Moments - Part 9

The five moments that made my week:

The moment I finally found a Coonskin hat! I've been keeping my eye out for one of these babies for a couple of months now - just to take a picture with - just for funsies.

The moment a message came my way from a student desperate for some work experience, and I spell checked it for her. I like to do this whenever I can, I'm a bad speller too and I don't think that it is something that should determine people's ability to do a job.

The moment I had an impromptu picnic catch-up with these lovely ladies - remember Eve on the right, from my first Kenya trip?

The moment I went out for my flatmate's birthday and ended up helping my other flatmate with her teacher stuff - taking moment two into consideration, I am the last person who should be giving children guidance when it comes to spelling and writing. I lay awake for an hour that nigh worried that I had spelled something wrong in my correction notes!

The moment that - and this is my favourite even though it is both horrifying and hilarious - Adam woke me up this morning with a cup of tea while I was having a dream-fight with him and I rolled over, half asleep, and punched him in the face. I dream about him doing horrible things all the time, things he would never ever do in reality, call it baggage from boyfriend's past or whatever - but I felt so bad! Even though it wasn't a bad punch and he was absolutely fine. I couldn't stop apologising and laughing at the same time. I couldn't believe it, I've never had the urge to hit anyone in my entire life! I'm a bad girlfriend. but a little proud of dream-freya for not taking any crap.

And finally, my favourite blog this week comes from one of the loveliest bloggers there is, Jem over at Beautiful Clutter. It's called Hit The Road (Flap) Jack and it's got a recipe that I just can't wait to try.