My Week in Moments - Part 10

The five moments that made my week:

The moment it became just chilly enough to wear warm socks to bed. I love a good pair of warm socks - these ones were given to me by a friend from Iceland several years ago and they have been darned no less than four times already!

The moment that I could relax and fall asleep with a candle burning knowing that I wouldn't have to worry about it not being blown out.

The moment I got to wear my brand new yellow fall jumper for the first time this year. It's such a happy colour.

The moment that I decided a chai latte was a good treat for myself as I finally attended a yoga class for the first time in about three months. I asked for a small but I got a free upgrade to a medium, probably because the man was trying to make up for the fact that he didn't even try to spell my name.

The moment I was surprised with this sunset after coming out of a tunnel on the train. It was such a quiet and almost spooky night. No one spoke as I got off the train, there was no traffic or the usual sound of children being picked up from school. The only noise was the train driver absently humming to himself as he stared down the platform. It was kind of spooky, but in a nice way. 

My favorite post this week comes from a lovely blog called rose & crown. The post doesn't have a name so just click here to have a look - it's a lovely and peaceful post. 

Another thing that has been giving me the giggles all week is this video. Honestly, it's my new favorite thing.