Lucky Me - Not So Lucky Lobster

On Saturday night I got treated to a really great date night. Adam took me out for dinner and to the theatre to celebrate some good news at work and a conclusion to a situation that has been hovering over me for a while. 

He took me to Burger & Lobster in Mayfair where there are only two, extremely delicious options on the menu - I'll give you one guess as to what they are... Well actually, two and a half options because you can have a burger, a lobster or a lobster roll. But you get the idea. Obviously I went for the lobster. It was so delicious I declared to Adam that I would like to eat lobster every single day for the rest of forever, he just gave me a bemused look. 

We then went on to a play in Sloan Square at the Royal Court called Love and Other Information, I'm not a good judge of theatre, but I really enjoyed it.

It was the best date night we've had in a long time. We are both pretty good at remembering all the time how lucky we are to live in such an amazing city, to both have our dream jobs, and to be able to occasionally have things like lobster with a glass of bubbly. Sure there are things that we could add that would make it a little nicer - Adam wants us to have a flat of our own and I would like a dog - but for the most part we've got things pretty much exactly as we want them for now. 

I came away from the evening feeling pretty lucky and pretty grateful. The Lobster did not fare as well.