When I was back in Canada I developed a little obsession, as I do. I have this morning ritual where I wake up, get dressed, walk to my favourite coffee shop down the street, and gorge myself on a blueberry danish and a large coffee with extra sugar and cream.

But half way through my trip I was introduced to DAVIDs TEA. As I like to over-indulge, I think I must have drunk about four gallons of tea in one week. But at least it was healthy tea and not builder's tea! They have every kind of tea for every kind of person, whether you like it sweet or strong, funny or serious, there's something for you. The only trouble is choosing which one! The staff are extra helpful and bring down tin after tin for you to smell - which after a while can become a little overwhelming, but in a good way.

My favourite was the toasted walnut, which I had made into an iced tea - but you can have it hot too.

I came home with four packets of tea, toasted walnut, blueberry jam, pumpkin chai, toasted marshmallow, and lapsang souchong for Adam (he's more of a serious tea drinker). And you know what? It has replaced my usual five cups a day of the good old english breakfast, not vary patriotic I know but as I've got two passports I'm going to play the "I'm half (in theory) Canadian card". And they're so flavorful that you don't even need to add sugar if you don't want to, so I feel healthy already.

Please DAVIDs TEA, come to London, I NEED you!