Budapest Part Two


Left foot in Buda, right foot in Pest.

The day after we arrived in Budapest was just spent wandering around the Pest side of the city, exploring markets and stopping every five minutes for a snack - by this point we had decided that we love Hungarian food and it was important to cram as much of it into ourselves as possible. 

We didn't have any real agenda, we just meandered through the streets and frolicked through a few gardens, occasionally looking at a map and heading towards things that looked interesting. Our last stop of the day was  Saint Stephen's Basilica. It's a strange fact that I'm a religion junkie, and every time I visit a new place I like to wander around all the great churches and religious sites - a peculiar trait for someone who isn't religious I know, but there you go. 

Saint Stephen's Basilica I think is one of the most beautiful religious buildings I've ever been in, we went to the top to take in the view, and then came down just in time to catch the end of a service - a definite highlight of the trip. Oh, they also have a mummified hand of Saint Stephen that you can go and stare at if you want, I did not.

We then went to have cocktails at a few fun bars and giggle the night away because it was Kim's birthday after all and that is what was required. It got a wee bit chilly though, thank goodness every outdoor cafe comes with blankets! 

Then it was up early the next morning to explore the Buda side of The Danube...