Budapest Part Three - A Photo Dump

This final installment of my pictures from Budapest is a bit of  a photo-dump I'm afraid, but that's the last of them so rest assured this isn't the start of a photo-dump trend on this little blog of mine. I just think for this selection of photos, individual captions would be better - enjoy!

On our second to last day, it was over the bridge into the Buda side of the Danube.

It was really pretty in Buda, but I think I prefer Pest, there just seems to be more going on.

That's Pest over on the other side of the river, isn't she pretty?

Touristing is tiring work, sometimes a nap is called for while other's try to find where we are on the map...

I have no idea what these baked yummy funnel things are, but they were really delicious. Ruth went in for a sneak attack on Darcy's.

We went into Buda's underground laberinth. Apparently it is one of the seven great underground wonders of the world, it has been used as a prison, a torture chamber and to house thousands of people at one time or another. It also has tentative links to Dracula. So basically...

it was the most terrifying place I have ever been in my life. My first thought was "what if it caves in...", my second thought was "get me the frigg out of here!" It was mostly pitch black and there was a scary fog throughout the whole place - oh and they played horror film music with creepy children singing throughout.

Hooray for daylight and pretty ABOVE GROUND architecture. 

The next day we stuck mostly to the Pest side, and went back to this restaurant for the most delicious sandwiches I have ever had in my life. We had stumbled upon Kisuzem the night before and we were all so excited about their food that we just had to go back... Some of us may have had two sandwiches one after the other... 

Touristing and stuffing your face is thirsty work.

The sausage sandwich in all it's glory. It doesn't look like much, but believe me, you would lay down your life for this sandwich.

We also had drinks at some random bar that doesn't really need mentioning because it wasn't that good, but it does need to be said that on this one occasion, twenty four sangrias were consumed. TWENTY FOUR!! They were only about 80p each, so that's why, but while I am not a fan of sangria, Kim clearly is.

I love how shabby everything seems to be in this city, I hope it never changes, I hope they never update their bus system because it adds so much to the dilapidated charm of this city. These are electric buses, I didn't even know there was such a thing, but they run along wires like streetcars do, except they have wheels and no tracks. 

Isn't Budapest beautiful?

And finally, my favorite part of the trip: the bath house. Apparently Budapest is famous for its thermal springs and bath houses, and please I'm begging you, if ever you go to this glorious city, pay a visit to the Gellert Hotel. Kim, Ruth and I spent a happy couple of hours rotating between a steam room, a freezing cold pool, a hot pool and a body temperature pool. Going from boiling hot steam into a freezing cold pool is at the same time the best and worst experience of my life. The pain is worth it though, because you feel on top of the world afterward.

Cameras are not allowed in the baths, due to the number of naked old ladies who do not wish to expose themselves to the world, just to me - don't be too jealous. We were the youngest girls in the place by a good forty years, having said that it was mid morning on a Monday. Truthfully though, it was nice to be in a place where everyone was so relaxed, gossiping away to each other in rapid Hungarian, while munching on a peach or having someone float you around on your back. The girls and I didn't have the courage to take off our bikinis, but I do feel that my education in what to expect from my body in old age can now be described as well rounded. 

Until next time, Budapest - I'll miss you!