Budapest Part One

I got back from Budapest last night, and I'm already so sad because it was such a fun time. I've not been on may trips with friends, mostly because I've traveled to see family or for work, but this was one of my favorite. Not only did I fall in love with Budapest as a city, but the company was fantastic. We were a real mixed bunch, an Australian, an American, a Canadian, a girl from Wales, and me - a bit of a cultural cocktail.

We stayed in a really great airbnb apartment right in the middle of everything. The first three pictures are of the view outside our window, and the inner courtyard of the building we were staying in. We explored both sides of the Danube, visited all the sites, and ate our body weight in schnitzel and goulash. 

The whole city was so unusual, not like anywhere else I've been, the architecture had an almost Italian feel in how grand it was, yet everything was about fifty times bigger and much shabbier. I liked the run-down feel of the city though, it looked really lived in, yet it was clean and pretty quiet as far as cities go. 

We went for my friend Kim's birthday, she's the one you can see up there close to the top, leaping for joy. I would happily go back again, and probably again and again. The weather was warm for September, but I would love to see it in the winter all covered in snow. 

I think this trip marks the beginning of a new phase of exploration of Eastern Europe, and I really can't wait. But for now I'll do a few more posts on Budapest, our explorations of both Buda, and Pest, and a few of the fun activities we did along the way - to be honest we mostly ate, but don't worry, I won't post loads of pictures of goulash and sausage.