Back from Toronto

I'm finally back in London, back to high-speed internet connections and Photoshop, which means no more neglecting my blog. I've missed writing a post every day and I'm happy to be back, if not overly happy to be back to my real grownup life. Why can't holidays last forever? Why? WHY?!

Anyway, the next few posts over here are going to be about Toronto, they're what I would have posted if I wasn't away from the internet or if my Dad actually had wireless at his house in the city (I know, right? Maybe the only person left who doesn't have wireless). I hope you like them:

Kensington Market is one of my favourite places to have a walk around when I go back to Toronto. It's all vintage shops and yummy coffee places, it's also conveniently located in China Town and right behind a certain Pho restaurant we all know I have a problem with.

I spent so much time in Kensington when I was younger, I think every teenager did, it was the cool place to be and still sort of is in a way. It's still full of ageing hipsters and has a lot of underground venues for fringe artists trying to ply their trade - it's very atmospheric.

Adam and I went for a walk after Pho one day and wandered into a few of our favourite shops, mine was always Courage My Love, probably because of the name - it's a hoarders paradise. We didn't buy anything, I'm not too much into vintage clothes because while I love to shop, I like to be in and out of a store as fast as possible and I don't have the patience for rooting around for those hidden gems. But I like the feel of vintage shops, snooping around old things and wondering where they've been and what they've seen. 

Vintage cowboy boots for example, I bet they've seen a lot!

I'm so happy to be back to my little blog, I've missed it, and I've missed catching up with all your blogs too. That's something to look forward to this week.