My Week in Moments - Part 7

The moment I woke up and the colour of the sky made it look like the sun had slept in and was rising an hour later.

The moment when I accidentally stumbled upon quite a nice outfit when I was rushing, late for work, and threw on the first things I could get my hands on.

The moment I saw this lovely flower and had to take a picture, it looked quite out of place and a bit exotic for my street.

The moment I went to Hamleys, the giant toy store in London, and attempted to buy a present for my friends two year old little girl - it was really hard! But any excuse to buy fairy wings and a tiara.

The moment I went on a lunch time adventure to ye olde sweet shop to buy some rhubarb and custard sweets - they are my favorite. 

And my favorite post that I read this week, even though I think it's from a few weeks back, comes from a beautiful blog called Roost - and the post is called Ode to the Peach. Enjoy!