My Week in Moments - Part 6

The five moments that made my week:

The moment where, for a moment, the sky was so dense and so grey that it felt like a blanket had been thrown over London - it was an oddly comforting feeling.

The moment I got to watch Team GB win a gold in one of my favourite equestrian sports.

The moment this little guy came up to me on my way home and demanded a cuddle - I miss living with a cat or a dog so much sometimes that I'm often almost as desperate for pet attention as they are!

The moment that it was so warm and the sun was setting so beautifully outside that it just signalled the perfect end to the perfect day.

The moment that I got to sit outside during my lunch and listen to this Johnny Cash impersonator sing away in the background while I played a game of UNO with a friend. 

And finally, my favourite post this week from another blog that I really enjoy comes from Andrew and Carissa, and it's called Go West - I liked it a lot because I've left a lot of homes over the years, and I really identified with these words. That and they are such a sweet family.