My Week in Moments - Part 5

The five moments that made my week:

Monday: the moment I went home from work early because I was just so exhausted from my trip and ended up locking myself out of the flat. I was beyond tired and just curled up on the floor in front of our door and went to sleep, only to be prodded awake an hour later by a confused courier that Adam had and sent with his keys.

Tuesday: the moment I got to watch the show jumping section of the Olympic eventing because we have a TV in our office that is set to show ALL of the equestrian events. Hooray!

Wednesday: the moment I asked my friend how her date went (which she flew to Milan for, if you please) and this was her reaction. I love it when my girlfriends get that look after a first date.

Thursday: the moment Adam got tickets for us to go and walk around the Olympic park. We sat on the grass and watched some of the swimming on the big screen they have set up, there were loads of people there watching and the atmosphere was amazing.

Friday: the moment I arrived early into the office with my bags packed so that I can leave early to catch a 7pm flight to Zurich to go and visit my grandfather for the weekend. I'm really looking forward to it.

P.s. I've just decided I'm going to add to this series a mention of my favourite blog post of the past week. So here's this week's favourite post, it's from a hilarious blog by the lovely Mandy called The Haps, and the post is: Rewind: Happy Boobs. It will make you laugh your face off.