Inspiration for the Moment

Today I'm feeling inspired by simple little details, light patches in dark places, and an element of antiquated make believe. I always feel like this just before I go back to Canada for my once a year visit - I guess it's because a large part of my childhood was spent there and going back reminds me what it was like to be little girl Freya.

I was always very creative and played make believe until I was far too old to be acting that way. I was always making up stories in my head and I was absolutely convinced that I would either be an Olympic equestrian when I grew up, or a writer of children's stories - or both! Well that didn't turn out, but it's ok. 

The anticipation of going back to visit is filling me with memories of the way things were, and I'm wandering down old and over grown thought paths like little game trails that haven't been used in a while. I'm excited to slip back into some of that old way of thinking, putting it on like an old pair of moccasins that have been under the bed for ten years and still fit perfectly - and strangely feel a bit warm still, as though they weren't taken off that long ago.