Hello Zurich - It's Good to See You Again...

This past weekend Adam and I were in Zurich to visit family. We had such a great time, it really is a beautiful city. 

It's so clean - no garbage swimming in the canal, only swans. You can smell how clean it is the minute you get off the plane, the fresh air swooping down from the mountains was so refreshing I just couldn't get enough of it. Walking through the streets, where it was so warm that we didn't even need jackets in the evenings, the place seemed so alive with people sitting outside cafes at 11pm, sipping coffee or glasses of wine and just enjoying the warm night air. It was all very peaceful.

Even better though, on Saturday night there was an almighty storm with thunder and lightning pelting down around us. We watched from our bedroom window and slept with the balcony doors open because we both love storms so much. 

We may have stuffed ourselves with too much good food and wine, but the peace of the city has definitely stuck with me now that I'm home. I hope it stays around for a while, it makes a refreshing change from the frantic energy of London - which I love, but it sure does tire you out.