Hello from Toronto - For the Love of Pho

Just a quick hello from Toronto - I'm pretty jet-lagged and off to bed for some much needed rest. Before I go though, I wanted to share some pictures of just one of the things that makes my annual long haul to Canada completely worthwhile (you know, apart from visiting friends and family): a large number 7 from my favourite pho restaurant.

It's a ritual for my Dad and I to go for pho almost as soon as I land in the city. I'm exhausted and craving my bed, but that doesn't stop me from jumping in the car and driving down town and trying not to lose consciousness into my giant bowl of soup before I can finish it. It's a balancing act between trying not to pass out, burn myself from eating too quickly, or feel sick from eating when It's 1am for my body and it's actually not even hungry. It's all very much worth it, really it is.