Happy Finally Summer

I kind of have this absurd feeling that summer has only just begun for me. I know it's the beginning of August and summer is starting to wind down, but June and July went by in such a haze of rain and work that now all my work is done and it's ever so slightly almost dress weather here in London - I feel like it may actually be summer!

And the next few months are going to be exciting over here. Adam and I have loads of trips to look forward to: this weekend we are going to Zurich, then three weeks-ish after that it's Canada, then shortly after that it's my birthday and Adam is taking me on a mystery holiday, and then not too long after that it's Adam's 30th (yikes!) and I will be taking him on a mystery holiday, then soon after that it's Christmas and we will both be travelling separately to see family. Now throw into that mix a wedding or two, a few birthday celebrations, maybe a new job, maybe a move, and you've got a pretty exciting four months ahead!

But for the next month at least, that mood board above is going to be the sort of feeling I'm aiming towards, a sort of relaxed adventurous feel combining time to explore, and time to cuddle up with a cup of tea.