A "You Will Relax Even if it Kills You" Weekend







This weekend was all about trying to relax. Goodness me, it was hard work. And I'm not even kidding, it really was!

Apparently after four weeks without one day to relax and just calm down, your mind gets out of the habit. Instead it wants to keep doing, and keep accomplishing, and there's pretty much nothing you can do about it but try really hard to just not let it. I have to admit that waking up on Saturday morning without a plan made me a little bit grumpy, what was I going to DO that day, what exciting things were going to get DONE! Nothing. I was supposed to relax.

My mind responded to this news by making my body all twitchy and my nerves all fraught with guilt for not adequately taking advantage of the glorious weather, or using this gap in my to-do list to accomplish those things that haven't yet made it on to my to-do list.

By the end of Sunday I had finally, almost finally, chilled out a little. And at least I remembered to capture a few little moments this weekend that I managed to slow my mind down long enough to appreciate:

1. Adam rung me on Friday night *a little bit tipsy* to tell me that he didn't know where he was and advising that I should "send the chopper" to pick him up.... .... ... he also said "I love you more than any fish I've ever caught" which was probably the funniest thing I've ever heard, and probably the loveliest.

2. There are blackberries growing over a fence around the corner from our house, they make a tasty almost-home snack.

3. I did make myself stay in bed for a long while on Sunday, enjoying the warm breeze playing with the curtains.

4. We bought these beautiful courgettes...

5. And  this huge crab (for £9 down from £30 thank you very much Mr. Impatient to Leave your Stall at the Farmer's Market Guy)...

6. And decided to turn them into this: improvised crab linguine with courgettes, oyster mushrooms and white wine. It was really really good.