The Last of my Photos from Kenya

Maybe it would be a good idea if I tried to focus on taking pictures of things other than animals, like pretty scenery or people or something. These photos show a very one sided view of my trips, I do actually interact with people occasionally, I promise. 

Some of these are so lovely though, like the cat snoozing in the sun, I just can't help but share them. The ones of the wildebeests running I took because now is the time for their migration to the serengetti, and while these ones are semi-captive and won't get to migrate it doesn't mean they don't feel the urge. They were running all over the place just for the fun of it - much to the annoyance of the disgruntled Zebras who are always having to get out of their way.

And the giraffes below, one was just on the side of the road hanging out, and another was at a sanctuary where you get to feed them by hand  - I mentioned it last time I was in Nairobi. They really do take the opportunity to slobber all over you, it's a strange feeling being licked by a giraffe I can tell you.