A Secret World

My Mum's an artist. She is so creative with everything. All around her house you can find finely painted eggs with carefully gold leafed patterns, or beautiful paintings hanging off the wall. I grew up in a very creative house and my mum's studio was always the place to go if I fancied painting something, or playing with different coloured chalks. I could never create anything as beautiful as she did, but her studio was always a safe place.

There is something about stepping into a world where everything but the foundations is the product of someone's inspiration and imagination. Every surface and wall is covered in an image that she loves, or an object she collected on one of her travels. It's a very calm place to be - when I was little I used to pretend to be sick so I could stay home from school and have to spend the day at "work" with her, lounging on a pile of blankets and watching her patiently work at a meticulous image from her imagination. It's her own little secret world, something entirely her in every detail.