The Rainy Day Blues - and How to Manage

Ever since I moved to England, nearly 10 yeas ago, I've found the weather a little bit hard to manage. Don't get me wrong, I love the atmospheric grey days where you get to sit inside and daydream the day away with a cup of tea and a warm blanket. The romance of it all is one of the reasons I moved here. However, as I got older the rainy day blues seem to creep in through the crack under my door more and more often.

So, over time, I have developed some strategies for dealing with the weather while spending a lazy day indoors:

1) Nothing makes me feel cheerful like a good night's sleep in fresh sheets that smell lovely just out of the wash - I'm a sheets snob so I save up for really good ones to make me eager to spend time cuddled up in bed. My current favourites are MUJI Soft Wash Optical White for bottom sheet and pillows, and I'm extra in love with their Jersey duvet and pillow covers.

2) I sometimes like to get away from it all with a BBC period drama. I'm a sucker for a bit of Pride & Pred, as I'm sure we all are, but I think my favourite is Emma with Romola Garai. I love the book, and the tv series comprises 4 hours of delightful escapism where the rain only ever seems to turn up when Emma is having a bad day and needs suitable weather for brooding.

3) A genuinely comfortable hoodie is a must. I've had so many hoodies over the years that I bought because they looked good, not because they were comfortable. Lately I invested in a really scrubby hoodie that is so luxurious that I can lounge around looking like a bit of a hobo, but feeling comfortable. Mine is from American Apparel.

4) I like to take an extra long shower, I like to crank up the heat and just relax for a bit. Nothing clams me down like a shower, and then cuddling up in a towel on the bed until I'm dry is just such a comforting feeling. I choose an extra nice smelling body wash for the occasion - it's called Le Petit Marseillais and any one of their soaps smells amazing.

5) Eating comfort food, now that's a given - everyone eats comfort food and drinks tea during a lazy day at home. And I'm no different. One of my favourite things to do at the moment is make homemade perogies with sour cream, I've tried a few recipes but I think my favourite so far is the one I found on Hey, Lady Grey - they take a bit of time, but they are so completely worth it.

It all comes down to relaxation, food and comfort. My belief is that after two weeks of non stop rain (thank you month of June), it's time to break out the hoodie and perogies.