My Week in Moments - Part 2

The five moments that made my week:

Monday: the moment I was defeated by my amazing fish finger sandwich lunch, but it's ok, because I got my own back at dinner time.

Tuesday: the moment I stepped off the train on the way home and it immediately stopped raining, everything looked so pretty in the post-storm sunshine.

Wednesday: the moment I watched this beast of a cloud roll in from the comfort of my own living room. I sat and watched the storm with a cup of tea and felt very calm.

Thursday: the moment I found my sunglasses that had been missing for two weeks! I had been drawing a blank on my missing accessories investigation, and was one step away from collecting witness statements, when Adam suggested I check all my handbags. The whole thing had me feeling like quite the shrewd little detective, even though it wasn't actually me that came up with the solution.

Friday: the moment I sat at home, baked chocolate chip cookies (more on this next week) and ate an entire box of Kraft mac and cheese to myself - I'm still feeling quite sick, but it was so worth it.