My Week in Moments - Part 1

Monday: the moment I woke up, pulled my laptop onto my lap, grabbed my mug of tea and prepared myself to have a look around my new blog design uploaded onto my blog for the first time. Thanks Kelly!

Tuesday: the moment I decided to wear a skirt and my beat up old blundstones to work, because I was in the mood to be comfortable and I didn't care how it looked.

Wednesday: the moment I got home early from work to find a hand addressed envelope to Uncle Adam and Aunt Freya - and I patiently waited the rest of the day for Adam to get home so that we could open it together.

Thursday: the moment I took some time to appreciate the window ledge in the last stall on the right in the bathroom at work for being a pretty good place to hide take a moment to compose myself after a particularly stressful week at work - thank you little ledge, you've been a life saver.

Friday: the moment I had to say goodbye to my friend Sara Jane who has been staying with me for two weeks, but it was made a little bit better by the fact that she bought me a Ben's Cookie as a goodbye present.

P.s. Does anyone want to swap blog buttons? Now that I have a button to swap, lets be blog buddies! Email me at