MEATliquor, not Meat Licker as I previously thought when Adam suggested we try it out and I promptly replied "urgh-gross-no!", make what have to be the best burgers I have had in London. I mean, real North American style burgers.

With no plans to speak of on Friday night Adam suggested that we take our friend Sara Jane, who is still visiting from Toronto, out for dinner at this restaurant he had herd so much about. We had to queue for about half an hour to get in, it is current popular spot after all and it was 8pm on a Friday night, but it was completely worth it - ever bit of it.

They are very friendly and they do bring you free beer and deep fried pickles while you freeze outside, and when you finally make it through the doors everything is dark, red and very atmospheric. And I can also tell you that if the guys behind the bar accidentally soak you during their water fight, they will also give you another free beer.

The menu covers everything from burgers to chilli cheese fries, something I have never seen on a menu in London. We had cheese burgers, cheese fries, and more deep friend pickles - it was all very good. And any place that has cages full of kitchen roll instead of napkins to mop yourself down with after is pretty ok in my opinion. I like my food messy sometimes.

I personally think that MEATliquor has done a pretty descent job of bringing the occasionally coronary-inducing food culture of the North American burger to London. If you want to know what a REAL burger tastes like - give it a go.

P.s. Sorry for the not so great photos. Now that I've got a pretty new blog design I really feel I should invest some effort in lugging my good camera around to use instead of my iphone - and also I should buy photoshop... One day.