Little Lost Pigeon

Yesterday I was walking to work, and suddenly this strange looking feathery pink thing ran/flew straight into my leg. I was plugged into my music and daydreaming as usual, so my immediate reaction was to give a bit of a yelp and a jump - but it was only the smallest baby pigeon I have ever seen out of its nest running around frantically trying to get back up to it.

This poor little thing couldn't fly, its feathers weren't long enough and it was just too little. It's Mum (I think it was its Mum) was looking on helplessly while her little baby was trying it's hardest to give a running jump and get off the ground - but it just wasn't happening. When it got tired of trying, it would run behind this plastic divider and take a rest in the busy construction site, it seemed to feel that as long as it was behind there, no one would see it no matter how close they were standing. The truth was, the little pigeon probably wouldn't survive the day

After ringing around a few animal rescue organisatons I finally found one that would take a street pigeon. It was too exhausted to even try to run away as my colleagues and I tried to catch it, and it was packed off in a box with holes in to take the tube to a sanctuary out of town. Hopefully when it gets old enough to be released it will stay in the country and not return to the city - it's a hard life for street pigeons these days.