a visit to spuntino

a few weeks ago before i left for kenya, adam and i spent a day shopping in the west end by way of a date day/night. it was a lot of fun, we don't really go shopping that often but it was a nice excuse to get out of the house before i left on my trip. adam bought a shirt and jacket, i bought a top, some vintage scarves, and a book to read on my trip (the flame trees of thinka).

 we had intended to go to nando's for dinner (of course) but adam convinced me to try this restaurant called spuntino. i would never have guessed that there was even a restaurant there because, as you can see, there's no sign and the windows are frosted so you can't see people eating.

there was about a half an hour wait for seats, and there aren't any tables as all seating was diner style. but it was actually quite intimate and personal in that you never really get to sit next to each other when eating, do you? you're always across from each other with a table in between - it made a nice change. oh, and the waiting staff were really friendly and helpful.

about an hour before going adam got a call off his dad saying that his sister had just had a baby. this is his "oh wow, my sister is a mother... that's so weird... i'm an uncle!!"face, he wasn't really sure how to process all of that...

with all of my nostalgic thoughts lately about 1920's england and talking in the queen's english, i decided it was high time i started drinking gin - above was my very first ever gin and tonic. i feel like drinking it actually worked towards strengthening my colonial roots.

my starter was: eggplant chips with fennel dipping sauce - adam ate most of it.

adams starter was: a ground beef and bone marrow starter - i ate most of it.

we shared a side of shoe string fries...

and then i had linguini with mussels, wild garlic and chilli.

and adam had mackerel, agretti (still not too sure what that is...), and saffron.

if you are ever in the west end with an evening to spare i definitely recommend you give spuntino a visit, as long as you don't mind hanging around a bit for a seat, but even if you do it is absolutely worth the wait. oh, and it's reasonably priced too!