"unique and extravagant, but never ostentatious."

this is the perfect description for the kind of jewellery that i love.

last sunday i was in spittalfields market, having a wander and just kind of daydreaming - killing a bit of time. i ended up in this special jewellery section that had been set up just for that day, and at this point, i would generally turn around and walk out. stalls full of brightly coloured beads, or novelty teapot pendants, or dangly earrings that are actually cassette tapes or scissors or whatever... it just doesn't do it for me.

but then i came across this little, simple stall. just a few pieces, sitting there, casually just hanging out without a care in the world. and they were stunning. 

the designer is maria arce, and her shop is called Sagan

as well as not being ostentatious, she also describes her collection by saying: "the pieces are always light and have a dream-like quality, little birds with strong personalities that contrast with delicate jewels."

below are some of my favourite pieces, all pictures are from her website www.saganisonline.com where you can place orders by email...

it's this kind of jewellery that i feel really accents a girls natural beauty, it simply compliments and highlights while not drawing attention away from what is your best asset... yourself!