kenya part five, shimoni

kenya: the final instalment, almost - i'm putting together a little film about our trip which i'm super excited about.
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just above the border to tanzania is a place called shimoni, its pretty remote. but i think it was the most beautiful place we saw in kenya. no it didn't have the white sands and clear water of diani, but it was more lush and green. it was mango season and they were literally everywhere! every little kid we saw had a mango stuck to their face, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

the place we stayed was really lovely. it was a palm hut with no electricity and the only light we had at night came from a paraffin lamp. we're lucky it didn't rain, i'm pretty sure we would have got soaked!

of course we had to have a coconut, i would really love to be able to have one of these every day.

sara jane had a bit of an accident with a blue stained yoga mat and a sunburn, she left kenya all sorts of funny colours.

our beach hut. both eve and sara jane are super tall, and i'm super tiny, i didn't really notice it while we were out there but goodness i look little! i'm 5'2" and a half by the way, so its not like i'm the shortest person ever! even if i'm cutting it quite fine...

the place we were staying was famous for its mangroves. you can see the start of them here, we could have gone on tours to explore them but for some reason i wasn't tempted. i suppose we were all pretty exhausted by then.

on our second to last day we went on a dolphin spotting trip. everyone we spoke to said that you have a 99% chance of seeing them - so naturally we were over excited to say the least. but it was not a lucky day for us, not only did we fall into that 1% and not see any dolphins, but eve also scraped the hell out of her uninjured foot on the coral and pretty much bled freely for most of the trip.
(thank goodness they weren't shark infested waters, right!?)

it doesn't look it here, but the water was really rough and the snorkelling was really hard. we all swallowed so much salt water! so by the end of it we were sick, bleeding, and really annoyed with all the dolphins in the world. but THEN if you can believe it we got hijacked! our "guide" took us to this school where we were asked to give a donation, and as were on an island that is only accessible by boat we really didn't have any choice... not that any of us wouldn't have given a donation anyway, it was a legitimate school, but it just felt so horrible being forced into it like that. it was all a bit fake and set up, and we were not in the mood... and by this point it was raining. not the best day of our trip.

but we did see a sea turtle!!! which was the second thing on my wish list to see, after dolphins. and thanks to eve's snazzy underwater camera, we got a picture.

the next day we had thought about going back out to look for dolphins, but we were so tired and a little bit traumatised that we simply couldn't face it. so we spent the whole day in our pyjamas, lazing around, drinking tusker (our favourite kenyan beer), and playing UNO.

the girls really needed to rest their feet - sara jane discovered she had also injured her foot on the coral, adding to her already slightly wounded foot as she suffered a bee sting in diani. i really can't believe i didn't injure my feet at all while we were away, i started to feel a little left out.

note eve's massive bottle of saline. that definitely came in handy!

and finally, we made another animal friend. this is sammy, the overgrown puppy who became quite a good friend of ours. i might also mention that we made some other friends that we weren't able to take pictures of as they were nocturnal and they wouldn't have liked the camera. this place had half tame bush babies that came out at night to be fed on little bits of fruit - and we got to feed them by hand! eve got over excited and set out some food for them in our hut so that they would come and visit in the middle of the night, which they did. i can't believe we had bush babies crawling all over the place!

this really was an amazing holiday packed with loads of new animal friends. 
i've decided all of my holidays from now on will be animal holidays!