god save the queen on her diamond jubilee

as i write this, the queen is stood on her balcony and buckingham palace while thousands of people are on her doorstep singing god save the queen and yelling "hip hip hooray!" while raising a glass of pimms in her honour.

it all makes me feel terribly patriotic. i don't care what anyone says, i think the queen is fab and i'm completely in love with all of this pomp and circumstance.

and wow, do i love it when that lady smiles. she's pretty stoic and she doesn't do it very often, but when she does its like the whole world lights up. she makes me think of my own grandmother (on my mum's side) who would probably be about the same age as the queen is now. all stiff upper lip and no nonsense, very old fashioned and british, stylish but as tough as old boots, no tolerance for "dummos" but very kind.

my flatmate rachael decided that she was going to paint union jacks on her nails, and asked if I would help with her right hand, which i did - and of course i had to get in on the action.

i have to say though, the water pageant along the thames was pretty lame-o. we had to go to the pub for 11:30 to get the only spot by the window in the whole place, which was fine, except the boats didn't show up until 5:30. and as i wasn't really in the mood for drinking we ended up playing a lot of UNO i was on a winning streak so it was alright. no one wanted to stay, but adam played the whole 'i may get deported soon and who knows when i'm going to get to see a royal pageant again' card, so i was stuck sitting through the whole thing. 

by the time we headed back to my friends house, also the flat i used to live in when i first moved to london in st katharines docks, it was time for the queen to disembark from the royal barge - which she did right across the street along with the rest of the royal family. my poor little iphone zoom was not really up to the challenge, but above you can see will and kate...

and here you can see the lady herself. isn't she great? 
i'm proud to be a royalist, through and through. she is 86 years old and stood to watch the whole of the water parade go past in the freezing cold and sideways rain as a show of solidarity for the thousands of people who came out to watch and freeze with her that or her hip was playing up. now that is what it means to be british.