a few photos from the weekend

this weekend adam's cousins were in town. we had a pretty good time showing them around london, but we practically walked the entire city and waking up this monday morning was not easy.

on sunday we walked around east london, which really is my favourite ever sunday london activity. there's so much to do {and eat!}. i thought it would be a good idea to bring along my massive camera which i don't actually know how to use because it isn't actually mine it's my mum's and take a few photos. 

it's a pretty random collection, but they're kind of the only ones that turned out - i'll get the hang of this photography thing eventually, so far i only know how to work an iphone camera pretty well.

the top three photos were taken once i figured out how the focus worked ... this is a random antique/art shop which has some beautiful secondhand items, and it isn't that expensive considering some of the things you can buy date back to the 1800s.

stunning street art just off brick lane.

this last one is my favourite. we went to colombia road flower market and adam bought me these. i really love fresh flowers all over the house.